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How to Cope With Changes to Your Skin Throughout Menopause

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

If you’re lucky enough to be approaching, or within your menopause, you may be experiencing an abundance of changes to your skin. Although these changes may come as a surprise, we’re on hand with some skincare advice to support you. So, let’s get started!

The result of declining estrogen levels

Peri and post-menopausal women will experience depleting estrogen levels and as a result, a drop in collagen production. With the lower levels of estrogen also comes a loss of molecules which keep the skin moisturised. Lastly, estrogen contributes to the beautiful volume and fullness we all love in our hair. Therefore, with estrogen levels reducing, what might you experience as a result?

Reduced collagen

Collagen holds the body’s tissues together and keeps the skin tight and plump. Consequently, with the crashing levels of collagen, there may be a drop in water retention and plumpness of the skin, causing sagging.

There has been speculation that eating high-collagen foods such as the following can improve collagen levels:

  • Bone broth

  • Chicken

  • Fish

  • Egg white

  • Citrus fruits

  • Berries

Although, it has been stated that there are not enough controlled studies to prove that consumption of foods high in collagen actually improve collagen levels in the skin, similarly with collagen supplements.

The best news? Massaging motions stimulate the skin’s collagen production. So, take this as a sign that you need a facial massage and to invest in a luxurious moisturiser or facial oil if you want to undertake face massages at home. See, it’s not all bad is it?!

If you’re stuck for ideas with which product to invest in, Medik8’s Liquid Peptides is a silky, hydrating formula which enhances the skin’s natural collagen, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Win-win!

Dry, flaky skin

Due to diminishing hydrating molecules in the skin, you may need to manage dry skin which you may not have had before. The dry skin can become flaky and itchy, something we could all do without!

How to tackle it? Treat your skin like sensitive skin.

  • Double cleanse with gentle, silky cleansers - try to steer away from foaming cleansers as they are not designed for sensitive skin.

  • Moisturise daily: if you were a little lazy with moisturising before, now it’s time to up your game. Try to opt for a moisturiser which contains hyaluronic acid, such as Medik8's C-Tetra cream, as this will aid the retention of water within the skin – something which the lack of estrogen has depleted. Alternatively, Medik8’s Daily Radiance Vitamin C is great for fighting free radicals in the skin (which can make your skin age), but it doesn’t stop there; it also enhances the SPF within the product, making it a great defence against sun damage.

  • Sensitive skin-friendly products only: you don’t want to be lathering anything with heavy fragrances, colours or alcohol – it will irritate your skin, aggravating the discomfort.

  • Take cooler showers: if you love a shower as hot as the sun, you may need to wave them goodbye. The heat strips the skin of all its natural oils, leaving it parched. Once you've dried off from your shower, it's the perfect time for that moisturiser! Lather up.

Dark spots

The bane of many women’s life. Dark spots are hard to treat and incredibly stubborn dark marks on the skin which often appear after the menopause.

Retinoids can make a start on the reduction in appearance of dark spots, although not always successful.

If you need to opt for something a little more powerful to get the job done, you may wish to book a facial peel. They can fade individual spots and improve overall brightness and youthful appearance of the skin.

Sound a-peel-ing? Get in touch with us to discuss your skin peels, or go that one step further and enquire about our 12 Weeks to Wow where you can work with one of our therapists to receive an in-house and at-home regime to really transform your skin through the use of peels.

Facial hair

In many ways we want to have beautiful lashes and luscious locks, but it’s not as ideal when our hormones encourage hair to grow in unwanted places such as the upper lip or chin.

Whether it’s tweezing, waxing, threading or hair removal cream, it’s great, until the hair returns like an unwanted smell lingering around.


We’ll never let you off the hook with this one. If you’re peri or post-menopausal, you’re more prone to skin ageing, dark spots and dry skin than ever. Therefore, SPF must be your priority.

Try to find an SPF with a formula and/or scent which you love – you’ll be more inclined to wear it every day. Yes, even if it’s cloudy, you know the drill. At Beauty Within Salon, we stock various SPF products from our favourite Medik8. If you're not sure which is for you, check out our blog which breaks down the differences: Our Favourite SPF Products.


Finally, look after yourself. Embrace the changes and maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise and prioritise your health.

Do you have any issues from the menopause which are grinding your gears? Drop us a comment below or get in touch to see how we can help!

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