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Rejuvenating Multi-Ceramide Night Cream

Medik8’s signature night cream, for plumping and hydrating your skin while you sleep. With ceramides at the foundation, this fast-absorbing, luxurious moisturiser can improve visibile firmness and texture. Advanced Night Restore includes Medik8’s Midnight Repair Complex™, which contains powerful anxtioxidants and peptides, helping to encourage cell repair overnight while you sleep! 


Medik8 recommend this product should be used after your Vitamin A products - working in tandum with your retinol products to leave a smooth, rejunevated complexion. 

Medik8 Advanced Night Restore [50ml]

    • Full of Antioxidants: Providing the skin with many benefits and tons of protection, the moisturiser works overnight to support your skins natural repair mechanisms

    • Intense Moisturisation: This moisturiser is rich, luxurious and deeply hydrating - yet still fast-absorbing into the skin. Perfect! 

    • Benefits Your Routine: Advanced Night Restore works perfectly for use with vitamin A as part of your existing routine. 

  • Ceramide Complex, Cell Repairing Peptide, Saskatoon Berry and Dragon Fruit Extract

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