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5 Top Tips for Growing Your Lashes

If you weren’t naturally gifted with lusciously long lashes, then you might be wondering how to grow them. Lash extensions are great for creating that doe-eye, however nothing quite beats natural lashes, in our opinion. So, here’s our tips on growing your natural lashes.

Invest in a good quality lash serum

Investment is the key word here. Like many things, buy cheap and buy twice. However, if you purchase a high-quality lash serum, your lashes will thank you later. We recommend Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner for growing lashes which resemble Bambi. It enhances the lashes by improving health, flexibility and strength, as well as offering protection from breakage. There’s a reason why it’s a best-seller.

Use a good eye makeup remover

We apply many products to our face each day, this may be in the form of moisturiser and sunscreen. If that wasn’t enough, some of us then shower our eyes in eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara to create our favourite standout eye. However, this can build up lots of grime and debris, as well as generally clog our lashes. So, without optimal removal of these products, how are our lashes going to thrive?

Eye makeup remover exists for a reason and it shouldn’t require lots of elbow grease. It’s more heavy duty and often oil-based, making removal both effortless and gentle on the lashes and eyes. For a conditioning waterproof makeup remover, Medik8’s Eyes & Lips Micellar Cleanse fits the bill. Ideal for sensitive skin, it will remove even the most waterproof of waterproof mascaras and ensure there are no traces left on your delicate lashes. No panda eyes here!

Top tip: try to remove your eye makeup in sweeping motions, as opposed to circles, it will cause less harm to the lashes.

Avoid being aggressive with the eyelash curler

It’s tempting to get curling away with the eyelash curler but try to avoid being too aggressive with it. The more pressure you apply to the lashes, the more prone they are to becoming brittle and breaking, which will undo all your hard work to grow those gorgeous lashes. Gently does it girls!

Avoid rubbing your eyes, pulling and playing with your lashes

There are many reasons why we touch our faces, as well as our lashes. It might be hayfever season, or you could be in a state of boredom, excitement or anxiety. You may simply be rubbing your eyes, or pulling and playing with your lashes, but all can damage them. It can simply rip them out or cause twisting of your lashes, making them more likely to break and become brittle. In addition, rubbing your eyes can actually cause damage to your cornea and vision. Try to keep those hands away ladies.

Ditch the temporary lashes

Temporary lash extensions are extremely popular for the fluttery lashes they provide us with, however, they can support that build-up of grime and debris we’ve been trying to avoid in order to allow our natural lashes to thrive. Therefore, as an alternative, we recommend LVL instead. In simple terms, it fixes the lashes in a curled fashion, making them more defined for 6-8 weeks, perfect for those who love a low maintenance life. Here at Beauty Within Salon, our LVL comes with a lash tint as standard. As a result, you may even be able to ditch the mascara, too! Sound good? Enquire here for a booking.

We hope you found our tips useful. By following our recommendations above, we’re confident you’ll be walking around with gorgeous flutters in no time.

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