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Post-Holiday Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

That post-holiday glow represents countless memories, but it often masks the toll travel can take on your skin. From basking in the sun to adjusting to different climates and perhaps indulging in varying diets, your skin experiences a series of changes during your holiday. The aftermath can manifest in various ways and often wreak havoc on your skin, but how can you nurse your skin back to full health? We’re sharing our must-read top tips - take a read.

The importance of post-holiday skincare

Post-holiday skincare is more than a beauty routine; it's a restorative regimen your skin deserves. The exposure to extended periods of sun, wind or different climates during a holiday can leave your skin dehydrated, irritated or with visible signs of sun damage. Neglecting proper care at this stage can result in long-term consequences such as premature ageing, uneven skin tone or persistent skin issues, which, let’s face it, we’d rather not experience.

By giving your skin the attention and nourishment it needs after your travels, you not only aid in its recovery, but also set the foundation for long-term skin health. It's an investment towards maintaining a vibrant, youthful complexion and ensuring that the loving memories of your holiday remain intact, without being overshadowed by skin issues.

Why post-holiday hydration is crucial for dry and peeling skin

If you’ve been wondering why your skin is peeling after holiday, or why it’s dry post holiday and need some help, we’ve got your back. Days of sun exposure, especially if you're not accustomed to such prolonged periods, can cause your skin to become dehydrated and parched. This is often accompanied by dryness and peeling, as the skin attempts to recover and shed its damaged outer layers.

Moisturising is vital in this phase, as it helps replenish lost moisture, soothe the skin and encourage healthy cellular turnover. By opting for a high quality moisturiser, you can provide deep hydration and support the skin's repair process, achieving a revitalised and smooth complexion. For our top recommendations, take a scroll.

On the other hand, you may prefer for a dose of moisturisation through a treatment, as opposed to a product - this is where the power of a Hydrafacial at Beauty Within Salon comes in. One of the key benefits of a Hydrafacial is its exceptional hydrating properties (the clue is in the name!) The treatment infuses your skin with a blend of serums containing antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid – a powerful humectant that attracts and locks in moisture. This deep hydration helps to plump the skin following a few days bathing in the sun, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the antioxidants in the serums promote skin health after treatment, combatting free radicals and give your skin a youthful, radiant glow. To book a Hydrafacial following your sunny annual leave, please get in touch.

How to manage acne after holiday

Post-holiday breakouts and acne are so annoying - we get it! But, they can be a result of several factors. Changes in diet, especially if it involves indulging in more unhealthy options and alcohol, can cause an imbalance in your skin. Additionally, exposure to different climates and environments may trigger excess sebum production and clogged pores, leading to acne.

To combat this, you’re going to need to incorporate products which can help regulate sebum production and promote clearer skin, as well as more targeted blemish treatments. Keep reading for our product recommendations which can reduce the visibility of blemishes and encourage a blemish-free complexion.

How to sustain healthy skin habits after your holiday

After your holiday, it can be difficult to get back into the daily routine of your work and social life, let alone skincare. However, maintaining a consistent skincare routine is essential to preserve that radiant glow. Consistency ensures that your skin remains nourished and protected from everyday stressors.

A daily regimen that includes cleansing, moisturising and sun protection should be a fundamental part of your post-holiday routine. Tailor your skincare routine to address specific concerns, integrating products to combat your specific needs, from hyperpigmentation to sensitive skin, to blemish-prone skin and beyond. Need a helping hand with products? Let’s dive in.

Our top post-holiday skincare product recommendations


Great for combatting:

Key benefits:

Dry, dull skin

All over hydration and tightening of the skin, resulting in refined glowing skin

Dry, peeling skin

Deep hydration, skin repair while you sleep

Dehydrated skin

Provides intense hydration

Breakouts, acne

Controls excess sebum, promotes clearer skin

Blemishes, acne

Targets specific blemishes, reduces visibility


Keeps skin fresh, prevents blemishes, great everyday cleanser


​Promotes even skin tone, great for protecting your skin post-sun damage

​Future sun damage

Offers broad-spectrum sun protection, crucial in preventing further sun damage and maintaining a youthful complexion.

Need further support to build a daily skincare routine that works for you? Explore our previous blog post: The perfect skincare routine for dry skin, or if you want to focus on the first vital step of skincare, cleansers, you need to read Everything you need to know about cleansers - it’s a must-read!

Support with your post-holiday skincare in Driffield, Yorkshire

Your skin deserves the best care, especially after the adventures of a holiday. For a dose of hydration, you can book a revolutionary Hydrafacial here. In addition, it’s crucial you embrace post-holiday skincare with a tailored routine, addressing various skin concerns post-travel. If you’re still struggling to identify a skincare routine that works for you, get in touch for a free skincare consultation and one of our knowledgeable team will help you achieve a bespoke regime which achieves the results you desire. Alternatively, you can shop our carefully curated Medik8 recommendations via our online shop to nurture your skin back to its radiant self.

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