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Eyes Rejuvenated: Your Ultimate Guide for Radiant Eyes

Some say that your eyes are the first features others see when they look at you, so it’s only natural you want them to look as vibrant and youthful as ever. However, time and life can have an impact, allowing crows feet and dark circles to creep in. So, what can we do to preserve the radiance around our eyes? Take a read of our guide to see which well-loved treatments and popular products you can invest in to feel as youthful as ever.

The science behind radiant eyes

The area of skin surrounding the eyes is notably thinner and more delicate than other facial features. As a result, they can become exceptionally susceptible to signs of ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and hollowness. While environmental factors can sometimes be to blame, such as sun exposure, pollution and lifestyle choices, there is also a lack of oil glands in this region which further exacerbates dryness and dehydration. It all sounds pretty negative but be rest assured, there’s good news. The beauty industry now has a wide array of treatments to combat these concerns and make dull eyes a thing of the past.

Eradicating peri-orbital dark circles

Peri-orbital dark circles can often be the result of visible signs of fatigue, stress or genetics, hugely affecting confidence in your skin. In addition to the elements that you can’t necessarily control, lifestyle elements such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and insufficient sleep can further contribute to their prominence. Shadows cast by puffy eyelids or hollows under the eyes can also mimic dark circles, accentuating the need for targeted solutions.

For those who want to boost the hydration around their eyes, a course of hydrafacial sessions can be of huge benefit. Not only does it deliver a cocktail of serums to infuse the skin with much-needed hydration, it also finishes with a red and infrared LED light therapy session to stimulate collagen, providing your eyes with the sparkle it’s been craving. To learn more about hydrafacials, explore our recent blog post: Hydrafacial: Your Best Skin.

If you want something a little more long-lasting and low-maintenance, we highly recommend Lumi Eyes, a super speedy and safe treatment that is injected to rid the under-eyes of dark circles, while simultaneously moisturising and fighting the appearance of fine lines. In addition, tear trough fillers are a great alternative. By filling the under eye area with hyaluronic acid, they plump the skin, removing the appearance of hollow under-eyes and dark circles. Both Lumi Eyes and tear trough filler treatments are available with our in-house advanced aesthetic practitioner, Lisa. Lisa attends the salon usually twice a month. To view her upcoming dates, check out our Facebook or Instagram.

Banishing wrinkles

Wrinkles around the eyes are a testament to your life experiences and expressions, often manifesting due to thinning skin and diminishing elasticity. Commonly referred to as crow’s feet, they can also settle in due to sun exposure, repetitive facial movements and genetic predisposition. Here at Beauty Within Salon, we have a vast array of treatments aimed at addressing crows feet effectively.

Want a treatment with minimal downtime? The LED light therapy facial is for you. It stimulates collagen, which is the magic ingredient for plump skin, particularly around the eyes. If you want something a little more ‘hardcore’, microneedling is extremely effective. The microneedling pen forms tiny punctures in the skin, kickstarting collagen production and a wound-healing response, as a result, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, as well as acne scarring, pigmentation and other concerns.

Of course, anti-wrinkle injections are a well-loved treatment, particularly by Hollywood celebrities. By freezing the muscles in the associated area, it stops the muscle and skin from moving, removing the likelihood of wrinkles settling in place. Although it’s best used as a preventative measure, it can also be effective if wrinkles are already present.

Your guide to Medik8 eye care

Medik8’s skin products are science-backed, and while they provide insane results, it can be overwhelming to navigate their substantial range of serums, moisturisers, retinals and much more. Here are some favourite eye products that are loved by so many across the globe.


Product recommendation

How it works

​Who should invest in the product


This powerful SPF prevents the harmful rays of the sun from having a negative impact on the delicate skin around the eye.

Those who are passionate about protecting the precious skin around the eyes.

Restore radiance

Improves the signs of ageing around the eyes, smoothing fine wrinkles, lifting the skin and reduces puffiness within the eye contours.

This one’s for the retinol lovers who want a product tailored to their eyes - available in three strengths so there’s something for everyone.

​Low-maintenance nourishment

​This product gets to work overnight and is packed with antioxidants to leave the eye contours looking and feeling soft yet hydrated.

For those who want a fuss-free product that works it’s magic whilst you get your beauty sleep.


​This product should be applied after cleansing in the morning to infuse the skin with vitamin C to reveal brighter under-eyes.

Great for individuals who want to brighten their under eyes effortlessly throughout the day.


​Packed with peptides, this super rich formula tightens and lifts the under-eye area to give the appearance of eyes that glow with radiance.

Perfect for sufferers of puffy under-eyes and those who are conscious about fine lines around their eyes.

Effective under-eye treatments and products in Driffield, Yorkshire

We hope you’re now familiar with a wide range of products and treatments that you can choose to support the appearance of your under-eyes, allowing for radiant, youthful eyes in no time. From LED treatments to retinals and beyond, there’s something to suit everyone. Get in touch if you’d like to book a treatment to combat dark circles or wrinkles around the eyes, alternatively shop the range of Medik8 products via our website now.

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