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Why LVL is thePerfect Treatment for the Summer Months

Summer is amazing. The sun is shining, your skin is glowing and the smell of suncream in the air takes you to your happy place. But, summer is also a difficult time. The kids are home from school, British heatwaves with no air-conditioning and traffic is a total nightmare.

Nothing makes me feel more confident than a decent tan in a floaty summer dress, but my make-up hates the warmer weather. From mascara melting to a SULA (sweaty upper lip alert), it is definitely a challenge to create that perfect ‘no make-up’ make-up look.

Although LVL can’t help with my irritating perspiration, it has changed my make-up game forever. What is LVL I hear you say? Well, let me give you the full lowdown.

Woman applying face cream

What is a LVL Lash Lift?

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift. A LVL lash lift is a treatment that involves curling, lifting and tinting your natural lashes, to give a fuller effect without the use of mascara or lash extensions. This 45 minute treatment can give you results that last for four to eight weeks.

How does LVL work?

You’ll be asked to lay down on a treatment bed and our technicians will talk you through the process. We’ll then apply essentially ‘perm’ your lashes using a combination of tools and lotions to fix your lashes in position! This is applied for 20 minutes and you’ll have the opportunity to relax - Mums, I’ll know you’ll be taking advantage of this guilt-free nap time!

Next, a neutraliser is applied to your lashes for 15 minutes (cue another cat-nap) followed by the tint. You can choose between shades, from more natural browns to a more mascara like black. After a few minutes the tint has done its magic and you are free to go.

Can I wear eye make-up with LVL?

Yes! While your lashes will be gorgeously tinted and lifted so that you do not need to wear mascara, you can still wear mascara should you wish to, unlike eyelash extensions. Other forms of eye make-up are also suitable with LVL.

How do I prepare for LVL?

You will need to come in for a patch test 24 hours before your treatment. Other than that the only prep you need to do is turning up to your appointment with clean lashes - easy!

a before and after picture of lvl lash lift treatment
Image: Before and After LVL Treatment

What is the aftercare for a LVL lash lift?

LVL is pretty fuss-free but there are a few basic steps to take to ensure you get the full results for 6-8 weeks. For 48 hours after the treatment you need to avoid contact with water. Beyond this 48 hours you’ll want to steer clear of oil based make-up and cleaning products.

We recommend you regularly brush through your lashes with a spoolie whenever you get your eyelashes wet and to ensure long lasting results it is best to avoid rubbing or manipulating your lashes too much. Your technician will be able to talk through aftercare with you in detail.

Why is LVL the perfect treatment for summer months?

There are so many reasons LVL is a fantastic treatment, but it is perfect for summer and we’ve rounded up just a few reasons as to why:

Hayfever: Sorry, don’t get your hopes up, LVL can’t cure hayfever but it can certainly make your life that little bit easier. There is nothing worse than rubbing your eyes during a high-pollen count and remembering you were wearing mascara. You now resemble a panda. With LVL there is absolutely no need to wear mascara, so your eyes can water and itch all they want and you’ll stay fresh faced all day.

Mascara-melt: Don’t you just hate when you spend ages perfecting your glam, only for the heat to come along and melt your mascara? With LVL you can toss the mascara aside and not have to worry once about mascara-melt.

Maintenance: Summer is busy enough as it is, schools are out, nursery is shut and you’re on your own juggling everything. With LVL lash lift you do not need to come in for regular maintenance or to have them removed. You can focus on making memories this summer!

Holidays: LVL lash lift gives you results for six to eight weeks, meaning it is the perfect long-lasting treatment to get you through your jet-setting adventures. You can spontaneously extend your trip or recover from jet lag in peace before you need to worry about your eyelashes.

If you are ready to embrace the summer and toss the eyelash extensions aside, contact us today for more information on LVL and to book an appointment with one of our experienced technicians.

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