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Christmas & NYE Nails We Love

The festive season is here and what’s more exciting than screenshotting all your favourite, sparkly nail designs ready for your next nail appointment? Whether you love your nails short or long, gel or BIAB, it’s the nail art that is the showstopper (in the words of Paul Hollywood), so what are our favourites this December?

The Celestial Trend

Celestial designs are very much on-trend right now, as displayed across our entire Insta feed, and we totally understand the hype. No, it’s not your drab five-point star that you can’t draw on paper (how does anyone manage to draw them symmetrically?) think long Christmas stars, plain or chrome over a base coat, sparkles between each star and finished off with gems in the centre if you really want to go all out. Jazz it up with a glitter tip or a moon here and there and you’ve got yourself a celestial design to die for. Perfect for the transition from Christmas to New Year’s!

The Santa Obsessed

It sounds a little tacky but hear us out. An understated base coat with the iconic Christmas red glitter tip, finished with a sweet Santa hat pom pom trailing down. The top tip here to ensure it doesn’t tip into tacky is to put the Santa hat on only one finger. Be creative with your other nails, whether you fancy a simple block colour polish or glitter cuticle, the world is your oyster!

The French

French nails – timeless, classic and utterly beautiful. You won’t need to worry if they’ll match your Christmas wardrobe as there’s no risk of clashing with such simple colours. Naturally, we’d recommend here to take it to the next level with a slight hint of festive glitter – but that’s totally optional.

The Classic

Nothing screams Christmas and party vibes like glitter. You might love a glitter wonderland on your nails, but if that’s not your thing, you can choose something a little more low-key like a glitter tip over a colour base. Alternatively, for the slightest festive sparkle which can be worn both in the office and to the Christmas party, we’re loving a classic base with a glitter cuticle. Subtle but oh-so gorgeous.

The Understated

If you haven’t seen a tortoiseshell nail design yet then you need to take a look! Tortoiseshell is timeless but it certainly isn’t boring. Stick to tortoiseshell if you want something a little more understated, or uplevel with a swirl to split the nail and glitter to really make the colours pop.

The Christmas Decoration Fanatic

Just us or are baubles the epitome of festive decorations? Whichever colour scheme you opt for this Christmas, you can plan your next set of nails to match. Similar to the Santa hat, you can choose a bauble for each finger, or showcase it as a statement nail on one finger of each hand. Top the bauble off with a bow for ultimate festive vibes.

So, what were your favourite nail designs? Are you a classic French girl or do you prefer to embrace the Christmas nail art in all it’s glory? Regardless, be sure to book your next nail appointment with Beauty Within Salon soon to make the most of the season of joy. For more information on our hand (and foot!) treatments, feel free to explore here.

Finally, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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