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What is Brow Lamination (and should you try it)?

It seems like there are endless new trends when it comes to brows. Over the years, we’ve seen barely-there brows, line brows, over-filled brows, tattooed brows, the Cara-Delevingne brows, and now the two most common themes are micro-bladed brows and brow lamination.

We seem to have a brow obsession!

And is it any wonder why? They accentuate our eyes, they lift our cheekbones, they change the shape of our face. Just take a look at some of the brow transformations below to see the impact a good (or bad) brow can have.

What is brow lamination and how does brow lamination work?

Brow lamination is a treatment used to create a natural, full and shapely brow to frame and suit your face. Using the real hairs on your eyebrows (no microblading involved!), we’ll lift the hairs to enhance them and create a fuller look, then laminate them in place to hold for 6-8 weeks. But how does it actually work ?

Step-by-step brow lamination:

Step one: We apply a lifting product to the eyebrow, which breaks down the hair bonds and is the necessary requirement for that finished look

Step two: We apply a setting solution, this fixes the hair into place for 6-8 weeks!

Step three: We tint the brows. This is usually slightly darker to enhance the look and to compliment skin tone and hair colour, but can be any colour you should desire!

Step four: We wax the brows, shaping them and finishing them off!

5 Benefits of Brow Lamination

  • It can change the direction of growth:

You can’t choose which way your eyebrow hairs face and leaving them to do their thing can result in a messy brow – causing many people to remove some the hairs all together. Instead, brow lamination changes the direction of growth to keep the hairs consistent.

  • It is very low maintenance:

Once you’ve had your eyebrows laminated, you’ll save so much brow time each day! You can apply make-up if you want to, but you might find you don’t need to.

  • It is entirely non-invasive:

There are no needles involved with brow lamination!

  • It fills the gaps:

Brow lamination successfully fills the gaps to create a fuller look. If you’ve suffered with over-plucking or over-waxing in the past, or you’ve started experiencing eyebrow thinning – brow lamination will help fill the gaps and enhance your natural brows.

  • It is quick and effective:

It takes less than an hour and the results are immediate!

Who is brow lamination suitable for?

Brow lamination is suitable for anyone – whether you’ve experienced gaps in your eyebrows or thinning of the hairs, you’ve over-plucked or you’ve got brows that need taming! Whatever your brow needs are, brow lamination can be suitable for all.

It’s also a great alternative to microblading. It’s non-invasive, temporary, and cheaper - so if you’re not ready for the commitment of microblading, lamination might be for you.

Wondering if your eyebrow hairs are too thick to be laminated? Brow lamination works on all hair types, so you don’t need to worry!

How long does brow lamination take and how long does it last?

We allow 45-60 minutes for each brow lamination appointment. The results last for 6-8 weeks dependent on your aftercare.

Want to see some brow lamination results?

We’ve been offering brow lamination for several years, and we love seeing our clients’ faces when they see their newly shaped brows for the first time. Check out some of our treatment images below!

Click on any image below to expand.

How would laminated brows change your every day routine? How would they frame your face? Book your appointment today and find out.

Please note, a patch test is required 48 hours prior to our brow lamination treatment. This takes 15 mins.


Alternatives to Brow Lamination

Not sure if brow lamination is for you? If you're looking to enhance your brows in other ways, it might be best to consider some of our other brow treatments, including microblading, hybrid brows or a brow tint.

Get in touch to find out more.

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