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How to Look After Your Skin in a Heatwave

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

The heatwave has been with us for a good few weeks now – and apparently it's due to make a return in August! How does the sun impact your skin, and how should you adapt your routine?

If you are the type of person that likes to look after your skin, it’s likely you’ll have already found a routine that suits you for managing your skin in the sunshine. But if you’re new to skincare and suddenly conscious of the impact this ongoing heatwave might be having on your skin – you’ve come to the right place.

Woman on beach wearing a hat
Adapt your skincare routine for the heatwave

How does the heat impact skin?

For starters, it might make your skin more sensitive. As your skin gets oilier in the heat, you might find your skin develops more rashes or is more sensitive to the products you are using.

Secondly, your skin might feel a little drier. It is much harder to hydrate in the heat, and this will have an immediate impact on your skins texture and aesthetic.

Finally, as we should all be aware, the likelihood is that if it’s warmer, it’s also sunnier, and those UV rays can cause long-lasting damage to your skin and how you age.

In this article, we’ll provide our top tips for keeping your skin in the best possible condition in an ongoing heatwave.

How should I adapt my skincare routine in the heat?


The first option is an obvious one, and we hope that you can scroll past it quickly to our next tip because you are already aware!

Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF
Medik8's SPF 50 Physical Sunscreen

Make sure you are using a high-quality, high-SPF lotion on your face. Whether you are in the shade or in the beaming sun, apply a good factor 50 and regularly re-apply.

You might use a CC cream or similar make-up product that contains SPF and think this is enough – please remember that although SPF will work the same, unless you are constantly reapplying that make-up, the SPF will wear off after 1-2 hours and will need to be re-applied, just like normal sunscreen.

We recommend the amazing Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50, sold in-salon here at Beauty Within.



Both internally and externally – remember to hydrate! This means drinking lots of water, and also using hydrating products on your skin, such as Medik8’s Hydr8 B5. Containing the wonderful Hyaluronic acid, Medik8’s Hydr8 B5 will do the trick in keeping your skin plump and moisturised.

Man drinking water from water bottle
Stay Hydrated

Please remember that no skincare hydration routine is complete without the key component: WATER! Make sure to increase your water intake ever so slightly when it is warmer, as naturally we sweat more and lose more water. Keep hydrated!


Light makeup or go make-up free!

As we sweat more in the heat, we’d recommend keeping make-up light if possible. Obviously this is easier said than done dependent on your social occasions and we understand that some people won’t feel confident in their skin to go out bare. However, letting your skin breathe as much as possible will prevent any unnecessary break outs or irritation.

Woman with bare face
Little-to-no make-up will let you skin breathe in the heat

If you can, go entirely make-up free, or if you’d prefer to have something on, then swap your usual contour combo for a light CC cream or BB cream, anti-shine products and of course SPF.


Good cleanser

With the above in mind, it’s also worth ensuring you’re stocked up on a good cleanser that can get deep in your pores and ensure you go to bed beautifully soft and clean.

Woman using facial cleanser to clean skin
Clear your pores of built up dirt and grime

We love Medik8’s ‘Gentle Cleanse’ which is ideal considering your face might be feeling a little more sensitive than normal. The ultra-lightweight and hydrating, mild rosemary-infused cleanser will free your skin of impurities, pollution, make-up, sweat and grime.

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