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How to Get Wedding Ready

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been just a few months since weddings could go ahead with far fewer restrictions in the UK – and we couldn’t be happier for the brides & grooms, as well as all those working in the wedding industry – that weddings can run smoothly once more.

At Beauty Within Salon, we prepared ourselves well, but we had a feeling that Summer 2021 was going to be BUSY if restrictions eased. And much to our delight, that’s exactly what’s happened!

We’ve been fully booked for our brides and bridal parties for the entirety of the year, with additional bookings put in last minute due to earlier restrictions. We’ve never seen so many glowing brides in one year!

Here are some snaps from some of our wedding make-up appointments and nail appointments this year:

A lot of care and effort goes into preparing to attend a wedding. Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, or guest at the wedding, most of us like to get glammed up and look and feel our best.

Some treatments are immediate, while others take longer to see the full results, so it’s best to begin thinking about your wedding prep sooner rather than later. Here are some of our top tips for preparing for a wedding:

Pre-wedding skincare tips

Skincare, for some people, is one of the most important parts of beauty prep in the lead up to a wedding. As many of us experience different skin conditions or reactions, we might also feel less confident when we get a flare up – so it’s important to be prepared and put measures into place that’ll have you feeling your best self.

Whether that’s stress management, changes in diet, or simply ensuring you follow your at-home skincare routine. You know your skin best.

If you don't have a skincare routine just yet, it's best to start testing new products about a year before the wedding so that you have time to figure out what suits you best. Talk to our in-salon beauty consultants about our recommendations based on your skin type. Further, we’d also suggest resisting trying any new skincare products in the last few weeks before the wedding. Stick to what you know as to not risk a reaction.

In the lead up to the day itself, we’d recommend sticking to neutral and calming skincare treatments when you visit us. This will ensure that you do not risk any skin irritation.

Waxing guidance for weddings

Being comfortable and soft is often highly important on the list for brides and the bridal party, particularly if wearing dresses or during Summer.

But when it comes to hair removal, similarly to skincare, we’d recommend sticking to what you know. Trying a wax treatment for the first time prior to a wedding could see you risking irritation and leave you feeling uncomfortable, so if you normally shave, we’d recommend you stick to this.

On the other hand, shaving could result in cuts or razor irritation, which is also an annoyance. Your best bet is to try getting into a waxing or laser routine in the months prior to the wedding, if you really want to avoid any potential reactions and be your softest self!

Why you should relax prior to your wedding

Everyone knows that wedding organisation is stressful – so we’d recommend the bride, groom and/or select members from the bridal party set aside some time for relaxation, to help unwind and ensure you head into the wedding comfortably. Anxiety and stress is not what anyone needs in the lead up to the big day!

At Beauty Within Salon, we offer a whole range of luxurious treatments that will help you feel calm and settled before the big day. From hot stone massage, to the signature calming facial, or the Elim Mediheel treatment - 'a facial for your feet' - you can guarantee you'll head home relaxed!

How to have your nails for your wedding

Nails are one of the best finishing touches we could offer for brides and the bridal parties. Whether you’re a consistent extension kinda person, or you’re more into your gels… or maybe you’d just like a clean manicure to have your hands looking and feeling luxurious? Having beautiful hands and nails finish off the wedding look perfectly.

If you're looking for long-lasting, we'd recommend choosing a nail treatment using our go-to gel brand, 'TheGelBottle'. Vegan, chip-resistant and high-shine colour for up to 3 weeks, this treatment will last your wedding, honeymoon and beyond!

Pre-wedding peeling! Skin peel guidance

Skin peels have been becoming more and more popular - and is it any wonder why? Cheaper than laser, targeting wrinkles, pigmentation and blemishes, and providing long-lasting results - peels are the perfect way to get your skin wedding-ready.

Again, we'd recommend allowing enough time prior to your wedding to undertake facial peel treatment, should you wish to do so. One or two sessions is great and will have a noticeable impact, but for a serious skin transformation, the Medik8 12 Weeks to Wow treatment provided by our in-salon trained therapists is our recommendation.

On a rare occasion, some people need slightly longer than 12 weeks, so a consultation is key. If this is of interest, book your Bridal Beauty consultation to find out more.

Bridal make-up tips

Wedding make-up is obviously of highest importance for many of our brides. To feel your best on the day, we always do a practice run and consultation to understand the bride’s vision, and to test products on the skin.

For those getting ready at home - we’d advise a practice run at home for you too! Test your make-up choices with your hair/outfit for the day, so that you’re not changing your make-up or outfit at the last minute. Finally, make sure you apply make-up prior to getting into your wedding outfit. You don’t want to be attempting to scrub bronzer out of your dress choice on the morning of!

Brows & lashes for weddings

Just like make-up and nails, enhanced brows and lashes can be of highest importance for many brides and bridal parties and can make the world of difference to finishing off your ‘wedding ready’ look.

If you’re keen for longer-lasting brows and lashes, perhaps to cover your honeymoon period too, the LVL treatment combined with brow lamination makes for a real ‘standout’ look that lasts for 6-8 weeks and is low maintenance.

Or if you’re just looking for the day itself and would prefer to get back to your usual look ASAP, our temporary lash inserts and just a simple brow shape/tint can give you a more defined standout look for a shorter timeframe.

Simply make sure to book your 15 min free patch test prior to needing the treatments, and you’ll be good to go!

Give enough time for advanced aesthetics treatments

Finally, growing in popularity is the advanced aesthetics treatments – with brides and bridal parties looking to enhance certain areas of their face and present a more youthful look. While most people don’t have these treatments done with the sole purpose of weddings in mind, we wanted to highlight the importance of allowing enough time prior to the wedding if you’re planning this kind of procedure.

This is because, firstly, you want to make sure any post-treatment irritation has settled. We’d expect a little redness and soreness after some of these procedures, so it’s key to make sure it’s done well in advance.

Secondly, you need to ensure you’re happy with your finished look – particularly if you’ve never had this treatment done before. You might find that you want to increase your lip/cheek enhancement or have a second area with your Botox treatment.

This ties into our third point – some treatments take longer than others, and you might need multiple sessions (i.e., Profhilo). Speak to one of our consultants to ensure you have enough time to complete the full procedure timeframe prior to the big day.

Bridal Beauty at Beauty Within Salon

Due to our popularity amongst brides and bridal parties over the past few years, we’ve decided to introduce a brand-new service at Beauty Within Salon – ‘Bridal Beauty’. We’ll work with you for up to a year before your big day, building a bespoke package based on any of the above treatments to ensure you feel your best on your day.

Whether you’d like to improve your skin, have some advanced aesthetic treatments, or you’d like an on-the-day beauty package (i.e., make-up, nails etc) – we’ll work with you to plan all your sessions, so you don’t need to worry about anything else!

It all begins with a no-obligation consultation. We’re now booking for 2023 – get in touch!

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