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Beauty Within's 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

It’s coming to that time of the year when we have to dig deep to think of the ideal gift for our loved ones. Although, some people just seem to feel impossible to buy for, either they want for nothing, or they don’t seem to have a particular interest which you can purchase for. The good news is that we’re on hand with a handy gift guide, as there really is something for everyone at Beauty Within Salon. Take a read to be inspired.

For Mum

For the Mum who is wrinkle-conscious (Medik8 C-Tetra Luxe - £59)

We love our Mums and want them to grow old gracefully, although sometimes they simply despise the idea of beginning to show they age. Fear not, Medik8 have the perfect solution: C-Tetra Luxe. Not only does it provide deep hydration and protect skin from the environment, but it also restores visible radiance and is anti-ageing. It really is a holy grail and a gift your Mum would adore.

For the Mum who always has cold hands (Elim Ultra Rich Hand Cream - £18 – available instore only)

Shop Elim Ultra Rich Hand Therapy instore now

When you think of a hand cream, you might think of a thick, gloopy and sticky formula. However, Elim Ultra Rich Hand Therapy couldn’t prove your pre-conceived ideas any more wrong. It’s fast absorbing, relieves dryness and includes oat protein and hibiscus extracts. It’ll be sure to put a smile on your Mum’s face.

For the Mum who wants to accentuate her eyes (Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner - £89)

A gamechanger in the world of lashes: Revitalash. For standout eyes and lashes which resemble Bambi, Revitalash is the solution. Not only does it support with the growth of lashes, but it also strengthens and conditions. Win-win!

For Sister

For the sister who wants fuss free brows (Brow & Lash Masque - £40)

Brows are the easiest way to look ‘put together’, and plenty of sisters love a fuss-free get up in the morning. But how can you help with that? Revitalash’s Brow and Lash Masque; it strengthens and conditions brows for anyone wanting to achieve a thicker, fuller brow. For the pregnant sister (Pregnancy Massage from £38)

You want to do nothing but look after your sister who’s set to become a Mum, so what’s better than making them feel as comfortable as they possible can? A pregnancy massage is suitable for any Mums-to-be who are 12 weeks +. The massage is tailored to their preferences with both pressure and depth of massage to really relax, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and soothe any aches and pains during maternity. You’ll be their favourite person, we promise! Be sure to load up a gift card so they can pick the perfect time for their massage. For the SPF obsessed sister (Medik8 Daily Radiance - £57)

If your sister loves to take the time to retain her youthful, glowy skin, then she needs Medik8’s Daily Radiance. An all-in-one formula which prevents premature ageing, boosts collagen and hydrates. Of course, SPF’s best friend is Vitamin C, which is why Daily Radiance is a combination formula of both to provide the ultimate protection and improve the appearance of fine lines.

For Sister-in-Law

For the sister-in-law who loves a polished brow (Navy Pro Brow Balm - £11.95)

The queen of all multi-functional brow products: Navy Pro’s Brow Balm. It encourages growth of brow hairs and nourishes the skin beneath the hairs – an area we so often neglect. If you have a sister-in-law who loves to set her brows – this is the perfect product for her.

For the sister-in-law who always has immaculate nails (Navy Pro Cuticle Balm - £8.95)

Similar to the brow balm, but this time for the cuticles. Did you know moisturising your cuticles daily can prevent lift of gel polish? Of course, Navy Pro is on hand again (pardon the pun) with their cuticle balm. It’s such an understated product, it’ll be hard to resist yourself (we won’t tell your sister-in-law if you do decide to go rogue and treat yourself).

For the Sister-in-Law that you aren't that close to (Gift Card from £10)

Maybe she’s only just come into the family and you haven’t got a chance to know her properly yet, or maybe you just don’t see her often enough. A gift that won’t go unnoticed is a gift card. Available in values of £10, £20, £50 and £100, or combine to total a value to suit your budget, she’ll be able to invest in something she knows she’ll get use out of; whether that’s a treatment or a product.

For Grandma

For the Grandma with the bad back (Rescue and Renew Back Treatment - £50)