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Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Peel

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Winter is on it’s way, and there’s no better time to be thinking about your skin. The drop in temperature combined with low humidity levels can dry out your skin, resulting in a dehydrated or tired look. Further, warm indoor heat and blistering winds can make the problem worse.

If you’ve spent the year so far investing in your skin – don’t let things slide now. You’ll need to adapt your routine and introduce new treatments or products aimed at targeting the challenges of winter skin.

The Medik8 skin peel at Beauty Within Salon is the ideal solution. Let’s find out why…

What is a Medik8 Peel?

The ‘medical-grade’ Medik8 skin peel uses specially-selected chemical exfoliants to encourage the breakdown of the upper layers of the skin. This helps to reveal fresh, rejuvenated skin that lies underneath. While this peeling process is underway, your skin’s protective barrier is partially/temporarily compromised, causing fresh new cells to move to the surface and form a stronger barrier.

One Medik8 peel can have a visible impact on the skin, however we’d recommend the complete ’12 Weeks to Wow’ treatment for lasting results. This combines in-salon treatments with a specialist-recommended at-home regime, personalised for your skin type and to maximise the effect.

What’s the difference between a Medik8 Facial and a Medik8 Peel?

Any Medik8 treatment, facial or peel at Beauty Within Salon has proven results, providing clients visible and attainable skin improvements towards their skin goals.

There are some differences, however, with regard to experience and results. You can choose one or the other, however a combination of both over time should have you seeing glowing results as well as feeling relaxed and pampered!

The main difference is that Medik8 facials - while still bringing about glowing results – have an element of pampering or relaxation. Medik8 peels are focused on long-lasting results based on science, and are tailored to your skin type. This makes a Medik8 peel a more scientific treatment, rather than a luxury one.

Benefits of a Medik8 Peel

Medik8 peels are renowned worldwide for their lasting results. Aiming for ultimate skin health and tailored for your goals, Medik8 peels provide long-term skin improvements that build progressively over time. This is why the 12 Weeks to Wow treatment is the perfect peel package, as you’ll see better and longer-lasting results with each session.

Top Tips for Perfecting Your Peel

For the following 7 days after your peel, we ask you consider your skin similar to that of a newborn baby. Chemical peels, by definition, may cause redness, skin flaking and mild peeling; but all skin is different. Here are our top tips for perfecting your peel during the downtime.

1. We recommend you do not wear any make-up 12 hours after your chemical peel to guarantee your skin remains bacteria-free.

2. Avoid sun exposure and always wear a broad-spectrum SPF 30 such as Physical Sunscreen by Medik8.

3. Use a soft/gentle cleanser when removing make-up. We’d recommend the Calmwise Soothing Cleanser by Medik8.

4. Vitamin A/Retinal serum will benefit your skin during the recovery process, helping to speed up healing and provide results.

5. Keeping your skin hydrated is key, so we’d recommend a hydrating cream such as Ultimate Recovery or the Hydr8 B5 serum to help restore the skin barrier faster.

6. Avoid using any other acids on your skin.

Why is Autumn/Winter the best time for a peel?

Within the downtime of a chemical peel, your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight, hence we recommend wearing a minimum SPF 30. However, we’d recommend in general that you stay out of the sun as much as possible, to allow as much time for recovery as possible and so that fresh, emerging skin is protected. During the Autumn/Winter months, the sun is not as harsh on our skin, making it the best time to have your Medik8 peel and stimulate new cell growth.

Peel FAQ

1. Can anyone have a Medik8 peel?

Chemical peels are sutiable for almost everyone, and we have a range of different Medik8 peels in-salon to ensure you have a treatment suited to your skin. We do not recommend peels for pregnant or nursing mums.

2. What is the downtime of a Medik8 peel?

Please follow the guidance above for at least one-week post peel.

3. Can I have just a single peel?

Yes, however if you’re looking for long-term skin benefits we’d recommend our 12 Weeks to Wow package.

4. What results can I expect?

Everyone is different, and the results also depend on how many sessions you have. However, within 24 hours post-peel, your skin might feel a little tight and appear slightly flushed. After 3 days, your skin is likely to start to flake, and within a week you will start to see visible results! If you utilise our 12 Weeks to Wow programme, results will be even more visibly profound.

It all begins with a no-obligation consultation. If you're looking to get started on your peel treatment this Autumn – get in touch!

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